Kim & Ryan: Calgary Couples Photographer

I have known Kim for over 5 years. We worked together while I was managing a Suzy shier in Calgary. We lost touch a bit after I moved back to Abbotsford  but she would send me facebook messages every so often and vice versa to see how the other was doing. I remember when Kim and Ryan got engaged she messaged me right away asking if I could take their engagement photos while on a trip out to Calgary. I was THRILLED they wanted me to capture such a special time in their lives.

The timing worked out PERFECTLY! We planned to meet up the day of their engagement session and have breakfast together so I could finally meet Ryan, we all hit it off right away. Both Kim and Ryan are very easy to be around and I loved getting the chance to spend some time with them before their session. Since then we have all grown closer as friends and I truly feel I made new life long friendships with these two.

Fast forward a year and once again I got another exciting message from Kim asking me to capture another very exciting time in their lives. THEY ARE EXPECTED!!! I was once again so honoured they chose me to capture it. I again had my yearly road trip to Calgary planned and knew I just had to see them to make their session happen. Kim and I chatted back and forth and came up with their session location and we decided on Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary. I has super excited to get the chance to shoot there after seeing the pictures online! We both had visions of  “golden hour” sunset shots BUT as we know Calgary is very unpredictable with the weather. The evening of their session we met up for dinner first so we could catch up. During dinner it decided to get stormy and rainy a warnings were issued. Kim and I both were quite disappointed as our vision of a golden sunset disappeared. The rain did hold off long enough that we were able to stay dry for their session and get some great shots! On a side note we were quite lucky the rain held off as the next day Calgary was hit with a HUGE storm that caused flash floods and hail that made it look like it had snowed.

 I was BLOWN away and SO beyond impressed with how prepared Kim and Ryan were! They came with outfits, and ideas and a very special prop!  There is nothing I love more than a couple who appreciates getting all dressed up and looking their best, but has no problem jumping into knee high thistle filled fields and muddy beaches, Kim and Ryan you’re the best!! Oh and did I mention there were a MILLION mosquitos eating us alive! It was so so so worth it tho!

I could go ON and ON about these two! How sweet and kind they are, how they’re always holding hands whenever they can, or whenever either of them are talking they can’t help but touch each other. You guys are one stunning couple that I felt like I was photographing celebrities but I will let the photos show you how beautiful these two are together! 🙂

Thank you so so so so much for an AMAZING night!! I had such an amazing time and it meant so much to me that you showed me one of you favourite spots in Calgary!! I can’t wait to meet your little bundle and maybe next summer I will be able to capture all three of you! 🙂











We even had a special appearance from a beautiful deer during our session!






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