Alexis & Michael: Abbotsford BC Grad

I was so excited to take some photos to celebrate Alexis and Michael’s Grad. It was my first time ever taking grad photos and lets just say I LOVED it! These two are so darn cute they made my job very easy! I have know Alexis for a few years now and I have been amazed at such a beautiful and talented woman she has become. Alexis and Michael I wish you every happiness in the future! P.S. I just have to say doesn’t Alexis remind you of a young Sandra Bullock?!?!

Alexis Grad webuse flowersAlexis Grad webuse flowers-2Alexis Collage 6webuseAlexis Grad webuse_-3Alexis Grad webuse_-2Alexis Grad00026webuseAlexis Grad00027webuseAlexis Grad00028webuseAlexis Grad Collagewebuse Alexis Grad00009webuse   Alexis Grad collage2websueAlexis Grad00017webuseAlexis Grad00020webuseAlexis Grad00018webuseAlexis Grad00004webuseAlexis grad collage4webuseAlexis Grad00002webuseAlexis GradwebuseAlexis Grad00025webuse

Isn’t this one beautiful family!

Alexis Grad00029webuseAlexis Grad webuse collage

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