Phillips Family: Langley Family Photographer, Derby Reach

I just loved getting the chance to photograph this beautiful family! I met Alicia nearly 15 years when we worked together at Suzy Shier in Abbotsford. Alicia was my manager but quickly became a good friend. When Alicia contacted me in the spring to do her family photos I was over the moon. I hadn’t seen her in years and was thrilled to get to see her again.

Alicia, Anita and their families met me at Derby Reach in Langley. I hadn’t been there before but heard it was a beautiful place and it sure didn’t disappoint. We started off with some formal family photos and then quickly got into having some fun. The kids were thrilled to have their pictures taken and just loved being behind the camera. They sure made my job easy!  It was so nice to see you again Alicia and Anita and I must say you have such beautiful children. I look forward to the next time 🙂

Phillips Family-2webuse

Phillips Family-4webuse

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