Laina & Colin : Cascade Falls Engagement Photographer

I have been the absolute worst with blogging!! I haven’t blogged since April!! I have so much to share with you all so I will be blogging like crazy in the next few weeks. I plan to keep the write ups simple and let the photos speak for themselves. I will be posting them in no particular order as I still have stuff to blog from 2016..oops!!

First up is this gorgeous engagement session with Laina and Colin. I felt this was the perfect session to start the new year off as it took place this time last year during our deep freeze and it’s giving me all the winter feels. We ventured to Cascade Falls in Mission for their session and it truly didn’t disappoint! I remember us laughing lots and slipping everywhere! I hate to admit it but I biffed it pretty hard and in true fashion these two were their to pick me right up. I enjoyed every second hanging out with these two! So much so we even ventured out the next evening for part 2 of their engagement session. I sprung it on them last minute but I just could’t resist making one of my dreams come true! Stay tuned for part two of their session that I will be posting next. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks again Laina and Colin for being so amazing and being up for anything <3


Cascade Falls

Cascade FallsCascade FallsCascade FallsCascade Falls




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