Lynsey & Will: Golden Ears Park Engagement Photographer

What can I say about these two?! I’ll start off by stated the obvious that they are absolutely STUNNING together!! I love when my couples are just completely in sync and totally comfortable with one another. They made my job oh so easy and I would have to say their engagement session is one of my favourites to date!

I met Lynsey through one of my past brides Tracey.  Lynsey and Tracey are step sisters and I met Lynsey last year when I was photographing Tracey’s wedding. I remembered her right away when she contacted me after her and Will got engaged. Lynsey has a smile and sweet personality that you don’t forget! I was super excited to meet up with them both and chat about their engagement photos. Right away they knew they wanted something outdoorsy and super relaxed and of course I was THRILLED. We ultimately decided on Golden Ears Provincial Park. I had always wanted to do a session there so I was over the moon with excitement.

I was so excited to drive there with them to get to know them both better. I am pretty sure I talked their ears off tho lol. These two had to hang out with me for 4 hours that day but I do have to say the conversation was so easy and I just adore these two even more! I learned that in the last few months Will has taken on a new career, started wedding planning in only 5 months ( they pushed their wedding up to this year from 2017) and they bought a new puppy. I just loved getting to hear how excited they are about the life they are building together and how excited they are to expand their family!

When we arrived at Golden Ears Park we were disappointed that we missed out on the golden sunlight as the clouds began to roll in. I was worried about the lighting thinking it might be too dark in the trees but that day it was PERFECT! It was a super bright day for an overcast sky and the there was no rain! As any west coaster knows that is a huge deal when you live in lower mainland!

These two climbed rocks, hung a hammock ( check out the epic pics below of that), endured the cold after the sun set and put up with my crazy demands. You two are rock stars and I couldn’t be more lucky to be a part of your journey as you become husband and wife.  Thank you so much for an amazing evening and I can’t WAIT until August!

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