Jamie & Jake: Whonnock Lake Wedding Photographer

Jamie and Jake got married at the beautiful Whonnock Lake Center and it was just stunning! Between the beautiful lake backdrop and the forest surrounding the venue it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for Jamie and Jake’s fairytale themed wedding. To top it all off it was an absolutely gorgeous day for the beginning of May and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

I had met Jamie about 8 years ago when I was a client at salon Picasso. Jamie was always the smiling and friendly receptionist that I just loved to see. She was always so bubbly and asked how I was when I came in. If you don’t know already Jamie is a very talented makeup artist! She has even done my makeup before for a photoshoot I did with my hubby a few years ago and she also did her own makeup for her big day. I would say she did an amazing job! I have become quite close over the last year and a half with these two and I truly can say I love them dearly. They are the sweetest and kindest couple out there and they wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Everything about their day was so sentimental and emotional. These two made sure to include everyone in their special day including their dear friend Richard that passed away suddenly last year. I loved all the little details and ways they added him into the day and it just shows how much he meant to them both. Their ceremony was THE most emotional ceremony I have been to and I don’t think there was a dry eye there. These two have been together almost 10 years so this was a long time coming and you could tell everyone was just over the moon for them. After the ceremony Jake and Jamie wanted to get some fun candids of them and their bridal party playing football. Jake is a huge football lover and has played for many years so this was a way for them to incorporate it into their special day. It was so much fun they had me in tears from laughter. We then took some time away just the two of them to explore the property and let them soak in the moment. I love to allow my couples to take a deep breathe and slow down a little to enjoy each other in those first few moments as husband and wife. Often with the business of the day couples forget that they need this time for them. These two ended their night with a very special balloon release to announce the gender of their baby! ( Check it out below) That’s right these two are expecting and it’s a GIRL!! I couldn’t be happier that I was able to capture this with their family and be a part of the celebration with them. Stay tuned for their maternity/newborn photos this fall!

Jamie and Jake thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of these amazing moments in your lives and I look forward to being there for many more. I have loved every single minute of getting to know you both and I look forward to many years of friendship ahead!!

A very special thank you to Natasha Davis from Wildwood Photography for being my amazing second shooter and Vanessa Engelbrecht from Vanessa Marie Studios for being my assistant for the day. I couldn’t have done it with out you both <3

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