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I have been looking forward to writing this blog post for some time. You know that saying that everything is meant to be and people come into your life and change it when you least expect it. Well, this happened for me this last year but my journey to meet this special person started back in 2012.

In 2012 I made the huge decision to leave my 10 year retail manager job and go back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. During that time in 2012 on my 30th birthday I got my first Nikon camera. I was so happy to finally be able to take some nice pictures of my family and because I knew we would eventually have another baby it was perfect timing. Well, skip head another year to 2013 and one thing lead to another and my love of taking pictures of my family turned into the start of my photography business. I know, I know this story just keeps getting longer BUT I can’t forget these key pieces of the story. Ok, I am back on track again,lol Then 2014 rolled around and my graduation came and I began working on a rehabilitation unit for ARH and thats where I met Deng.

Deng is one of those people that greats you with a huge smile and she always asked me how I was doing. She gave me such a feeling of welcome and support and as a new nurse it means so much to have co-workers like that. We didn’t get to work together much but when we did I couldn’t help but be drawn to her for her knowledge and I looked to her as a mentor. Soon after I started work I became pregnant with Lily and soon my maternity leave began.

While I was on maternity leave I really struggled with my place in the photography world. I was slower than I wanted to be and not sure where to take it next. I honestly felt uninspired by my work and became very critical of myself. I have learned that this is and always will be a struggle for me but I do believe it makes me a better photographer and nurse. I don’t like to stay stagnant in anything I do and I am always striving to push myself which makes me excited to see what the future holds for me and all that is ahead in both my careers.

Deng messaged me while I was on maternity leave and asked if I would take a picture in memory of her son Aries. It was like it was meant to be.  I was immediately nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do justice to what this memory would stand for for Deng and her family but it was what I needed. I needed something that had meaning and a challenge for me attached to it. Deng and I talked back and forth about what her vision was. She knew she wanted me to use Aries’ bike that he rode to and from work when he lived in downtown Vancouver but the rest was up to me. This made me nervous, I am so used to working with people to bring life to a photo and landscape photography was something so foreign to me. All I had hoped I could do was bring some life to this special photo and have it represent Aries in a way his family would cherish. I remember the day I took Aries’ bike to Vancouver and set it up by Science World and I think I took about 100 pictures trying to get just the right one. All the while I couldn’t help but keep Aries in my thoughts and I had hoped he would be proud of the memory I was creating of him for his family. Well, the day came to reveal the images to Deng and I was so nervous but to my surprise she LOVED them! I was over the moon I cannot tell you how amazing I felt. We began to chat a bit more about Aries and it wasn’t until then that it hit me like a ton of bricks that I knew Aries. We had attended the same high school and had graduated together. I couldn’t believe it took me so long to piece it all together but that’s when I knew all this was meant to be. It instantly made me feel all that more connected to Deng and her family and so appreciative she chose me for something so important.

Thanks again Deng, Sam and Lea for making me a part of such special memories for you all. This photo of Aries’ bike will remain as one of my most treasured photos I have ever taken and thanks so much for igniting my love for photography again. It reminded me of the priceless memories I am creating for my clients that I know they will forever cherish. I look forward to many more in the future <3

Ok now that I have rambled on far too long I will now get to the good stuff! Below is the picture that I took of Aries’ bike and a picture of Deng and I the day I presented it to her on canvas. Following those are a few of my favourites from their spring mini session in April and boy are they ever photogenic!

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