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quick facts about me

My Family are the reason that I smile, that I laugh, that I cry, they are my happy place, my frustration, they are what make my heart beat & sometimes break. My husband & children are my everything!

We love to get away to our family cabin a few times a year (especially on Thanksgiving). You can only get there by boat and there is no electricity, so we love spending our time out on the beach by the campfire!

my family

my TOP 5

One of mine and my husband's favorite things to do is to try out new craft beers and visit breweries.  I may have a slightly large collection of wine (over 200 currently)! 

craft beer & wine

my top 5

Ok ok ok I may have a small obsession with buffalo plaid! I don't know if it is because it reminds me about being outdoors or that I live on the West Coast, but I love it!

buffalo plaid

my top 5

I’m also a thrill seeker and I love finding new activities to take on. I’ve been sky diving, water rafting, parasailing, and surfing, and I can’t wait to take you on my next adventure. I will do anything and everything, except bungee jumping!....That shit is crazy, but I'll jump out of a plane any day!

thrilling adventures

my top 5


Ohhhhh yeah!!! The crisp air, the changing colours, and not to mention THE WARDROBE! I'm obsessed with jeans, boots and comfy sweaters. Plus, we have a huge love for Halloween. We have the largest display on our block and collect something new every year!

my top 5

We met back in 2000 when I was 17 and he was 19. We met in a parking lot after him and his friends yelled at us to come and see them. See back in those days it was the thing to do to cruise up and down the main road in Abbotsford to look for guys haha! Even though we became good friends, life took us in different directions. 

Fast forward to 2008, I was living in Calgary at the time and reached out to him on Facebook. We chatted for a bit, but nothing came of it for almost two years. Then the 2010 olympics came around and I had tickets to a few events so I flew out for that. I invited him and a friend to hang out with us one night. We had the best time together and we shared the most magical kiss right in the middle of Robson square. But that was it. With the distance we knew we weren’t ready for a relationship. After months of talking every single day even falling asleep on the phone together I had to come out again for a friends wedding. The day I arrived was my birthday and I remember him walking into the restaurant to meet me and my family for dinner and I just knew that was it once I saw him. He was all I wanted and I would never let him go again. From that day we were together!

We talked everyday via Skype or the phone, we would visit each other as much as possible. He came out in December (we were only dating two months at this point) and he had told me before this to go ring shopping cause when he comes out he is buying me a ring. Well he did! We went to the store together and he bought my ring right then and there. It was so romantic! We then went out for dinner and walked around the Zoo lights at the Calgary zoo. He made me wait until Valentine’s Day before he proposed in his townhouse living room It was simple and romantic. We are not very showy people so I knew it would be a simple proposal and I loved it. So after four months of dating we were engaged and continued to date long distance for 7 months before I finally moved in May.2011 We were married May.5th 2012. (Cinco de mayo) the rest is history. 

a little thing called love

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